Trevisiani Sanguine Chalk Drawing


I used organic solvents, laponite poultices and a suction disk to remove oxidized tape carriers and reduce tape staining. Solvent residues were then neutralized with an overall blotter wash. Using Japanese tissue, wheat starch paste, BEVA D-8 and cellulose powder, I was able to reinforce weak corners and edges and fill a small loss. The drawing was flattened and all fills were toned with watercolor in distilled water. All in all, it was a very time consuming process, but one that paid off as the drawing was stabilized and the distracting and damaging amber-toned tapes were much reduced with treatment.

Condition Report and Proposal for TreatmentTrevisiani_Condition_Report_and_Proposal_for_Trmt.htmlTrevisiani_Condition_Report_and_Proposal_for_Trmt.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0
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